December 7, 2023

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FC Brugge Antwerp live broadcast (1:30 pm).  Overmars helps draw Tifo ‘Great Old’, discover expected settings |  sports

FC Brugge Antwerp live broadcast (1:30 pm). Overmars helps draw Tifo ‘Great Old’, discover expected settings | sports


Overmars rolls up his sleeves

Antwerp supporters will soon want to show off TiVo. Marc Overmars has already done his homework by picking up a paintbrush. A beautiful gesture from DrE. Director of Football Affairs.

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Expected formations

Club Brugge: Mignolet; Buchanan, Michael, Spillers, Major; Palanta, Nielsen, Vanakin; skov olsen, Jutjala, Noosa.

Antwerp: putties; Bataille, Alderweireld, Koulibaly, Vignendaal; Joseph, Vermeeren, Ecklenkamp; Muga, Janssen, Balikwesha.


Van Bommel: “The club is talking about the crisis, but they are only one point behind us.”

One summit after another for Antwerp. Mark van Bommel doesn’t want to hide the fact that the defeat to Porto still resonates in Mark van Bommel’s mind, but he doesn’t want to use that as an excuse for Sunday. “It makes sense that after such a knock in the Champions League, you need some patching up. You play a good first half against both Shakhtar and Porto but you still lose. That plays a role, I won’t deny that. This is also the price of our success, because in the Champions League you have to “To take these types of signs into account.”

The Dutchman does not believe a 0 out of 9 finish in Europe and a busy schedule have an impact on the football the national champion plays in his competitions. “It just plays a role in how many points we got. We actually gave away points when it wasn’t necessary. It wasn’t because of our play, it just didn’t work out sometimes. That also has a mental impact.”

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Antwerp may meet Club Brugge On EGood moment. Things are not going well there as far as sports are concerned either. The club is one point behind Antwerp and outside the top six. “Everything is close together. Antwerp, Genk, Standard, Ghent… They are all not far away, just a little Union. The difference is: in Bruges they talk about the crisis, but they are one point behind us. “The perception is completely different, because we won everything last year. We are playing reasonably well, but we are also losing points. Last year we also saw a decline after 27 out of 27, but we remained calm. This indicates the stability of this club.” He remains calm, and then the media also remains calm. If things were turned upside down here, the media would be like that… How do you say that?efundenes Fressen.”A godsend.”

It was also related to the attempted robbery at Toby Alderweireld’s home last Wednesday, when Antwerp were playing against Porto. Fortunately, the thieves were startled by the alarm. “It’s unbelievable that something like this could happen,” Van Bommel said. So you can see how important it is to properly secure your home. Toby handles it well. I called him, and today he trained well again. “I think it’s harder for his family than for Toby himself.”

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Fractured fibula for Anthony Valencia

Antwerp in the corner as the shots are falling. Now the national champions also have to do without winger Anthony Valencia (20 years old) for a while. The Ecuadorian suffered a fracture of his fibula against Porto. “Anthony will be out for three months,” Mark van Bommel sighed.

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