September 21, 2023

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Features that come to your Samsung with Android 14

Features that come to your Samsung with Android 14

In recent days, we have been able to play Android 14 and One UI 6 on Samsung Galaxy S23 easily. Now we can show you the most important innovations, as they will soon appear in many Samsung phones.

Watch: Android 14 on Samsung Galaxy

Yes, it will be some time before Samsung starts the official update to Android 14 and One UI 6. But last week, the beta program for the Galaxy S23 started. Thanks to this beta version, we were previously able to provide a comprehensive overview of all the innovations and changes of One UI 6. However, the list is just a list and the images say more.

In the coming period we will take a closer look at the new features one by one. But now you can already get a good overall impression of the changes that the upcoming Android 14 upgrade will bring to millions of Samsung phones. Because please note: screenshots show the Galaxy S23, but the new software coming soon will be much the same on the Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S22, as it is on the various Fold and Flip models, and on all device variants in the A series, including the A52 ( s), A53 and Galaxy A54.

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The entire settings menu including the new default font

new design: QuickPanel And the new line

The most striking thing about One UI 6 and Android 14 is its updated design QuickPanel-a screen. This is the screen where you can manage a lot of settings and functions with a single tap. There’s no longer a long zip for buttons, but Samsung delivers on a design. Wifi And bluetooth Have their own separate buttons, eg. as well as screen display and associated functions – brightness, dark mode And eye protection – it is grouped, for example.

Unfortunately, this is somewhat at the expense of accessibility to some commonly used buttons. In One UI 5.x you can scroll everything down further, but in One UI 6 you can’t. In particular, the Wifi And bluetoothThe buttons remain at the top of the screen, and are hard to reach with your thumb.

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It remains to be seen if Samsung will leave it at that, or if it will make changes here during the beta program.

By the way: for the first time in some time, Samsung is choosing a new standard font in the One UI interface. Of course you can modify it yourself – also with the old and familiar samsung one-Line. So if you don’t like the new font: don’t worry, you can quit.

Lock the screen

Android 14 and One UI 6 also bring some changes to it Lock the screen from your Samsung phone. the SmartLock The job will soon be known as Open extension.

Plus, you get more freedom in choosing exactly where you want to place the clock on the lock screen. Unfortunately, the first version of the beta firmware is still buggy and not working properly yet. Of course this will likely be fixed in the official update.

Battery settings

While your phone’s battery is one of the most important parts of everyday use, in One UI 5 and earlier, the settings associated with it are a bit hidden. From One UI 6, Samsung is making it a separate “flagship” in it Institutions-existing. You’ll find it at the top of the list, along with items that are just as important an offerOptions.

Although the new batteryThe menu looks familiar at first glance – well, the graph is getting a new design – there are still some changes. the Battery protection The option now appears more prominently. Moreover, you will immediately find the Shipping settingsMuch better name than it used to be More battery settings It was called.

Security and privacy

Also under the important item Security and privacy It has been updated again. Samsung Pass Now bundled with other premium items. The most interesting is the new option block automatically. There you will find all kinds of options to automatically block potentially dangerous actions. Consider installing incorrect apps or commands that are given to your phone when it is connected to a computer via a USB cable.

He. She Security and privacy The screen now also shows an overview of used permissions instantly. This way you can immediately see which apps have recently had access to your camera, microphone, and location. Moreover, many of the old options are essentially unchanged, but are arranged slightly differently in the submenus.

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While there are no major new camera modes coming to your Galaxy device with Android 14, Samsung is still working hard on the camera app. In the camera interface itself, you now have more direct access to the resolution in which you take your photos. The new guideline also shows how straight or curved your phone should be.

In some places, the old scrollbars have been replaced with simpler looking dashes and values. The function that makes your Samsung phone automatically recognize documents – and suggests scanning them – is no longer part of Scene optimization.

A secretly cool new feature for enthusiasts. to Advanced intelligence options Now you can decide the amount of post-processing yourself – and thus how much to tweak your phone or enhance the photo you just took. You can choose from MaximumAnd middle And minimum. The balance you can find this way is between speed and how well you can improve your photos. But no matter how fast you take photos, sometimes less artificial processing isn’t a bad thing in and of itself.

By the way, we must honestly add that we don’t see much difference between the photos taken maximum, average or minimum creature. However, the difference in speed between Maximum And minimum clearly noticeable.

Last but not least, you can now create shortcuts to a file main screen Moves you instantly choose specific options for the camera. Choose the camera mode, the camera, and the location where you save the photos you take. By default, this widget measures 2 x 2, but you can resize it to 2 x 1 if you want.


After installing Android 14 on your Galaxy device, you will notice that things are getting better again. Or well, not of course. But the weatherWidget provides more information in one storage. Added more information about prevailing wind direction, air pressure, and atmospheric visibility, among other things.

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You can also track the position of the sun and read the phase of the moon live. The Air Quality Index (LKI) has gained more prominence.


Dive deeper into the optimizer photo editor Save for another time. He also gets a file Gallery More useful new tools. For example, you can also perform some operations directly on the screen with information about the image: Remaster, Image Effect, Object Eraser. Functionality isn’t new — direct accessibility is.

Also nice and useful is the option to “take” a photo with one finger and scroll through albums with another finger looking for an album to put that photo into.

Strange tracker warning

As the popularity of all kinds of Bluetooth smart tags grows, so does the chance for misuse. In Android 14 and One UI 6, Samsung is adding a feature that warns you if a strange tracker moves with you. You can wait for your phone to notice it, but you can always tap it Check out now Click to do it manually.

Much more

If you have ever looked at the list of all the innovations in One UI 6, then you know: the above is just a selection of all the changes. But we hope this gives you a good first impression of what you can expect on your Samsung phone. As said: We will highlight many functions and tools in detail in the near future.

Does your Samsung phone also get all these innovations with Android 14?

To find out if your Galaxy device will also soon receive Android 14 and One UI 6, take a look at our full overview: Samsung phones that will receive the Android 14 update.

We should add a small footnote. The Galaxy S23 demo version shows the full software with all the features and functions. It’s not unreasonable that some gadgets won’t make it to cheaper phones – like the Galaxy A14 – even if they get Android 14.