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A painful and hopeless journey that lasted Twenty-four and one and a half million kilometers were traveled on motorcycles. Now the Miracle Milestone: A Chinese father discovers his son who was stolen in 1997 By child abductors. Because social networks and the Beijing Ministry of Public Security are happy Guo Gangtong’s famous story inspired the film Los and Love in 2015 Starring Andy Law. It was a very hot morning in September 1997, when little Guo Xinjen, 2 years, 5 months and 17 days old, was playing in the backyard in a Shandong village; The father was working in the fields and the mother was busy in the kitchen. When he got home in the evening, he saw a lot of excited people: Syngen was missing. Someone, then, approached the boy, talked to him, pulled out a handkerchief and saw a woman wiping his dirty and sweaty face. Then nothing else. The two-year-old boy went missing and was abducted by a mob of kidnappers. Police searches futile: Child abduction by kidnapping gangs has been a plague in China for decades, with a 2015 figure of 20,000 disappearing each year.

Kuo Kangdong on a motorcycle looking for her baby (Source Chinanews.com)

Guo Kangdong entered a tunnel of pain. I felt guilty for leaving him alone and it would not have happened if I had been playing with him. Leave work and home. He got on his old motorcycle and set off in search of him. He did not stop then, he traveled for many years. Guo sought news in the news, writing hundreds of letters to police offices in remote provinces, as well as to family associations set up in China by victims of the same tragedy. Whenever he gets an answer with a small and impossible trace, he will restart. With him he had a bag full of photos of the abducted child, which he showed at every stop, looking for information that would never come or go wrong. At one point he printed a photo of the child on a flag and waved it from the seat of his bike.

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In 2000 the Chinese press began to deal with him, claiming that he had traveled 100,000 kilometers, had accidents, slept outside, and sold small pumpkins drawn by his wife to fund himself, used as musical instruments in the countryside. The hope of finding him sends me forward, the anguish that follows me because I do not know if he will recognize me … but if I catch him, I hope that one day I will find him and find me … in two or three years it will not be However, Guo said that even if he grows up and gets married, it will never be too late. 200, 300, 400 thousand kilometers: His story reappeared in the press when he touched on the numbers suggesting this trip. When he last spoke, Guo said Ten motorcycles were replaced and crashed or exhausted in the dust and potholes of country roads. He also had accidents: they had to sew me several times, There are about forty spots all over my body. But moved. In 2007 he joined the Babai Hujia (Pimpo comes home) association he formed Thousands of parents of stolen children. Online chat has come to China and it has become easier to exchange information. Guo assembled a poster with dozens of photos of missing children, He unwrapped in the squares of distant villages. While searching for her son, she helped find the other seven couples. When the missing children were rescued and brought back to their families, I was happy, but I immediately wondered why a miracle had not happened to me.

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Twenty-four years after his motorcycle trip to the finish line. Now there are new identification technologies, Police in Henan province confirmed in June that a boy had DNA similar to guo.. Two child abductors were arrested during the investigation. Father and son hug again. Among the many congratulatory messages, the news of actor Andy Law: You stood out, you came out of the mine. God treated me well, Guo Kangdong said.

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