February 27, 2024

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Fighter Fabio Jacobsen: “Can I still beat Jasper Philipsen? Absolutely!”

Fighter Fabio Jacobsen: “Can I still beat Jasper Philipsen? Absolutely!”

It takes some getting used to: Fabio Jacobsen no longer races for Quick Step, but for DSM. The 27-year-old Dutchman will be running in the big tours. “I aim to achieve stage wins in the Giro and the Tour,” he says during his training in Spain.

After 6 years at Quick Step, Fabio Jacobsen opens a chapter with the DSM team.

“I felt comfortable there and enjoyed it, but perhaps I was too relaxed. I noticed that the fresh breeze stimulated me now.”

There was no room for me anymore. Otherwise I would have wanted to stay.

Fabio Jacobsen

With the arrival of Tim Merlier, the drumbeat for a place in the cockpit at Quick Step has become clear. “There was no place for me anymore,” Jacobsen explains. “Otherwise I would like to stay.”

He stresses: “It is unfortunate, but I will not leave with any sadness or arguments.” “I'm so grateful to the Wolfpack for letting me ride there.”

“But in any case, the DSM was another option, and perhaps in a few years it will turn out to be a better option.”

“I probably would have converted anyway,” Jacobsen says. “In Quick Step, the tour is now all about Remco (Evenepoel, ed), I think that makes sense.”

“I will still lose to Philipsen, but he will lose to me too.”

In DSM-Firmenich Post NL, the Tour de France is an option for Fabio Jacobsen.

“The team is very focused on speed racing,” he points out. “We have a special racing department that trains together and consults together.”

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In the past, the team scored two goals by Marcel Kittel and John Degenkolb. “When I was young, I watched the Tour with Marcel Kittel. His former teammate Roy Kervers is now in charge of our sprint team.”

“They have a speed heritage here and they are fully committed to it,” says Jacobsen, who wants to sign on to the big tours. “I'm aiming for stage wins in the Giro and the Tour.”

“Last year I was very good, but to win a lot you have to be great. Look at Jasper Philipsen.”

Can he beat the green jersey? “Sure,” Jacobsen smiled. “yes it is.”

“I'll lose to him sometimes, but he'll lose to me too. This is the best sport.”

“Jasper is the man to beat, we will put pressure on him,” the Dutchman promised.

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