March 4, 2024

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Final straight line to the playoffs: What does the playoff look like?  Who plays European and who falls?

Final straight line to the playoffs: What does the playoff look like? Who plays European and who falls?

The Jupiler Pro League gets back on track today for the final stage of the playoffs. But what exactly does the competition look like this season? We will refresh your memory again.

Champion Qualifiers: 1-6

In Champion Qualifiers, it's all about the marbles: Top 6 He can compete for the national title after regular competition.

As usual, the points earned during the regular competition will be halved. The decimal number is rounded up. In the event of a tie after qualifying, half a point will initially be deducted to see who has the upper hand.

Numbers 1, 2 and 3 after the champion qualifiers will get a European ticket. The No. 4 will compete at home against the winner of the European qualifiers for the final European spot.

European qualifiers: 7-12

In the European qualifiers, the battle for the last European ticket is taking place before Numbers 7 through 12 than normal competition.

Just like in the Champion Qualifier, points from regular competition are halved.

The winner of the European qualifiers will face the number 4 in the champion qualifiers. In addition, the team from the champion qualifiers has home-field advantage. The winner of the European qualifiers will receive the final European ticket.

Relegation play-offs: 13-16

We no longer say Play-off III, but relegation playoffs. You can do it Numbers 13 to 16 He's still trying to avoid relegation during regular competition.

here No half of the points: Teams keep the points they obtained during the competition.

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A minimum of two and a maximum of three JPL teams will drop to the Challenger Pro League. The winner of the relegation play-offs stays in the Jupiler Pro League. Numbers 3 and 4 were relegated.

For No. 2 of the relegation play-offs, there is one final lifebuoy, with a jump-off match (home and away) against the winner of the promotion play-offs in the Challenger League.

What about the Challenger Pro League?

Champion and No. 2 in the Challenger League have been promoted to the Pro League Straight to the Jupiler Pro League.

The No. 3 in regular competition could also move to JPL, in Promotional qualifiers From the Professional Challenger League.

the Last and penultimate after the competition For amateur football, they are replaced by two teams from the first national team.

Promotional qualifiers

In the promotional playoffs there Ticket to JPL barrage On the verge of danger. the Numbers 3 to 6 In the Professional Challenger League, the qualifiers are played according to a knock-out system.

Number 3 meets number 6 and number 4 takes number 5. The winners of both matches play the final match.

The winner of that final plays jumps (Home and Away) vs. No. 2 seed in JPL Relegation Playoffs. The winner of the playoffs will play in the Jupiler Pro League next season, and the loser in the Challenger Pro League.

What about the promise teams?

Something small:

1-6 in JPL: Champions Playoffs to Points halved (1-3 gets a European ticket, 4 home matches against the winner of the European qualifiers)

7-12 in JPL: European Qualifiers to Points halved (winner plays against 4 of the Champions Qualifiers)

13-16 in JPL: Relegation play-offs without Points halved (1 point remaining at JPL, 2 matches played in a jump match against the winner of the promotion qualifier, 3 and 4 sacks)

1-2 in CPL: promoted directly

3-6 in CPL: Promotion Playoffs (3v6, 4v5. Winners vs. 2 Relegation Playoffs)

15-16 in the Premier League: Relegated to the amateur division