March 4, 2024

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Transfer news and transfer rumours 01/19: Mitrovic – N'Gong – Dari

Transfer news and transfer rumours 01/19: Mitrovic – N'Gong – Dari

Transfer rumours, latest transfer news and official transfers are flying around our ears. At Voetbalkrant we have listed everything for you so that you do not miss anything during this mercato! On 01/19 we have transfer news and transfer rumors for you about: Mitrovic – Ngong – Dari

“The difficult decision has been made: he has chosen a transfer target between Anderlecht and another JPL club.”

There is a special transfer battle developing between two clubs in the JPL. Anderlecht had their sights set on Achraf Darry, but the Moroccan defender appears to be on his way to Charleroi. (read more)

Transfer news: Belgian Cyril N'Gong has secured the absolute best transfer deal, and Zulte Wargem is not quiet in their country

A big day for Cyril Ngong, who will also play football for a senior team in a major tournament. Naples welcomes him. (read more)

KAA Gent is seeking to bring back the former player from La Liga

KAA Gent recently received a lot of money through the transfers of Malik Fofana and Gift Orban to Olympique Lyonnais. Now is the time for Hein Vanhaezebrouck to spend that money. (read more)

A strange 180-degree turn: the 'completed deal' has been curtailed, and Anderlecht rescues top talent from Mechelen's clutches

A strange transfer story between Anderlecht and KV Mechelen. 18-year-old left-back Naile Mohti Sabtaoui looked quite settled at Malinoa, but ultimately stayed with Anderlecht. (read more)

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