June 5, 2023

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Teklak says of the title battle between Antwerp, Genk, Bruges and Union what no one dares to say

Arthur Vermeeren’s goal was undoubtedly the moment of the last match. Antwerp and Union seem to be deciding among themselves who gets the title.

As a professional, he never scored for Royal Antwerp FC, but he knew how to pick his moment well. In injury time, Arthur Vermeeren scored for The Great Old at 2-2 and against Club Brugge.

“It’s not that Vermeeren scored the third goal in a big 5-1 win,” Alexandre Tiklak told La Dernière Heure. “I’m not saying Antwerp will be champions, but if things like that happen, I think it’s a sign of fate.”

With three out of three, Royal Antwerp FC still has everything in its hands. And now a difficult move to Club Brugge awaits them. If they come to a successful conclusion, they’re a long way off.

Union SG then has to visit KRC Genk again to ensure it doesn’t drop any stitches. They are also playing later than Antwerp so the pressure will be even greater if The Great Old really gets all three points at the Jan Breydel Stadium.

Teklak finds that not everyone in the blue-black Antwerp likes to see heroes. “These are things neither the players nor the management will say out loud, but the people of Bruges would certainly prefer Union or Genk to Antwerp as champions.”

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