December 1, 2023

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First title tool Graspop 2024

First title tool Graspop 2024

I have heard the prayers. TOOL is not in Rock Werchter, but in Graspop 2024. With the arrival of the legendary progressive band, the first piece of the puzzle for the Graspop 2024 set has been put into place.

She doesn’t have anything yet 10,000 days I continue. But after yesterday’s Graspop Metal Meeting 2024 teaser, “something’s cooking at Dessel”, there’s now big news: TOOL is coming to Graspop. The band announced this on the tour page on its website. In addition to visiting Graspop, the band reports that they will also be at the Ziggo Dome on Monday, May 27th.

The Belgian metal festival has yet to announce any official names for 2024. There have been well-founded rumors about Bury Tomorrow and Rotting Christ appearing. With TOOL’s self-confirmation, the first headline has now been added. Graspop is expected to confirm the booking today, and this is only the first of many announcements in the coming period.

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TOOL is one of the most amazing bands in rock and metal, with a unique distinctive sound. This sound comes from a true all-star band: one of the best drummers in modern rock history, a talented guitarist, a one-of-a-kind bassist, and an elusive vocalist. However, the band did not perform any shows at Graspop. Due to the band’s popularity, Rock Werchter was always the priority. Now this has finally changed.

Musically, you’re doing TOOL a disservice by calling them a metal band. It’s hard to describe the band. The progressive influence is clearly audible, and there are rock, alternative and metal influences. And then we didn’t even talk about the visuals and the main themes of the albums. From obscure songs like “Stinkfist” to “Fibonacci Sequence.” Brutal. Actually, it doesn’t matter much, a tool is a tool.

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More speculation about Graspop 2024

And most importantly: TOOL will be at Graspop next year. Graspop 2024’s first big self-affirmation has arrived. It remains to be seen who will join TOOL. Do you think you already know more? Then speculate further on the Festileaks forum. There is a lot of discussion going on around the topic of GMM 2024.

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