December 3, 2023

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This is how you prevent tomato sauce from tasting sour or bitter: “This trick really guarantees the tastiest result” |  Food and knowledge

This is how you prevent tomato sauce from tasting sour or bitter: “This trick really guarantees the tastiest result” | Food and knowledge

Anyone who has tried tomato sauce knows the problem: the sauce often tastes too sour and sometimes bitter. However, there is a simple one Food penetration To prevent this. Antwerp Italian chef Luna Trapani reveals the trick and explains how real Italians make tomato sauce. “This creates balance in your sauce.”

In the supermarket you will find tomatoes in different shapes and flavors. Ready-made tomato sauce and passata in jars, peeled tomatoes, diced tomatoes in briquettes and … tomato puree in small cans. Tomato paste is the most concentrated form of tomato.

For puree, tomatoes are boiled for a very long time to produce a thick paste that is deep red in color and intense flavour. It forms the basis of many dishes and you don’t need a lot of it: a teaspoon instantly gives extra flavor and beautiful color to many soups and sauces. But if you’re not careful, tomato paste can make your dish bitter, too.

Sweet and less sour

Luna Trapani, the half-Italian chef and owner of Spritz, knows the solution: “By frying the tomato paste in some oil, and maybe with some onions and garlic, the bitter taste goes away. During baking, the natural sugars in the tomatoes caramelize, making the flavor even more intense.” Thickness and depth. The baking process also helps reduce the natural acidity of the tomatoes, making the sauce less acidic and giving it a sweeter taste. This will benefit your dishes. Watch the pan and stir well, as tomato paste burns quickly.

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A true Italian won’t use tomato paste easily, but he prefers it.

Luna Trapani, Head Chef

You don’t always have to fry tomato paste. “You can add tomato paste directly to a sauce or dish, but I recommend baking it for the best result,” says Luna.

Like real Italians

“Although a real Italian will not easily use tomato paste, he will prefer fresh tomatoes. If these are not available or it is not tomato season, we choose tomato pulp from a can or jar of a good brand. For pasta sauces in my own restaurant, I choose tomato Canned Peeled – Sun-ripened tomatoes from warm Mediterranean countries.

“Making fresh tomato sauce is not difficult at all: I put some olive oil, garlic and white onions in a pan, along with some basil leaves. I fry it over low heat with the peeled tomatoes, then leave it to simmer for a long time. After that I mix the sauce and add salt and sugar.” “Tomatoes are very acidic, and the sugar provides balance,” Trapani concludes.

Luna Trapani recently published her third cookbook: Veganissoma. A book containing 75 Italian and vegetarian recipes.

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