March 25, 2023

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Flying cars and ten ‘freedom cities’: Donald Trump unveils plan to ‘reinvent America’

Making America more modern, livable, and innovative: that’s Donald Trump’s plan. The former president will make another attempt to become US president in 2024, and in a video he presents part of his plan. It features ten “independent cities” and flying cars.

“Our country has lost its courage.” That’s how Donald Trump begins the four-minute video his campaign team released Friday. “Under my leadership, it’s going to get it back in a big way. If you look at what we did three years ago, it was unthinkable before.

If Trump is re-elected in 2024, he wants to make a “quantum leap” in American living standards. He has explained in the video how it should be. He wants to use half a percent of federally owned land to build ten new cities the size of Washington DC, built by innovative thinkers. “This way we’re reopening the door to American innovation, and hundreds of thousands of people are getting a new chance to own their own home and own their American dream.” Trump says those cities will become “free cities.”

Flying cars

This is what he said next The Jetsons to come “Dozens of large companies in China and the United States are currently developing vertical landing cars for families and individuals.” So flying cars, and Trump wants to see his country take the lead. “Just as America was at the forefront of the automotive revolution. America, not China, should be the first of those flying vehicles. It will be a new way to connect families and friends.

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Trump says he wants to give bonuses to families for having children — “to orchestrate another baby boom” — and a major modernization of public space. “We need to make cities, villages and parks more livable, cleaner and more modern.” Security is also important in this.