June 21, 2024

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US sends ‘doomsday plane’ to Europe: Russia’s response?

US sends ‘doomsday plane’ to Europe: Russia’s response?

© Twitter/US European Command

The US has transferred the so-called ‘Doomsday plane’ to Europe. The aircraft acts as a command center for nuclear powered submarines. Why this suddenly happened in Europe is not disclosed. It could be a show of force against Russia.

US European Command announced the news on Twitter on February 28. “A US Army E-6B Mercury recently arrived in Iceland. The crew met with US Ambassador Karin Bateman and other diplomats and military leaders.

Command Center

The Boeing E-6B Mercury, codenamed ‘Looking Glass’ or ‘Doomsday Jet’, is 46 meters long and 12.93 meters high, has a wingspan of 45 meters, is based on the Boeing 707 and serves as a command. Center for US Nuclear Submarines. The latest device, launched in 1998, costs $140 million and can communicate directly with those submarines. It can reach a speed of 981 kilometers per hour and can fly 11,760 kilometers on a full tank of fuel. The US has 16 of them, and at least one of them is still flying in case something happens somewhere.

In the event of a nuclear war, the president could use it as a flying command center. This has never happened before. George W. Even Bush flew on Air Force One after the 9/11 attacks, not the ‘doomsday jet’.

Muscle roll

The U.S. military has not disclosed why the plane flew to Iceland. This may be in response to Russia’s decision to withdraw from the New Start nuclear deal. It is not reported.