December 9, 2022

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Fortnite maker buys music platform Bandcamp |  RTL News

Fortnite maker buys music platform Bandcamp | RTL News

Epic and Bandcamp share a commitment to “build the most music-friendly platform that allows creators to get the most out of… [verdiende] save money” Writes game company. Bandcamp “will play an important role in Epic’s vision of building a marketplace for creators.”

The American tech giant got into a fight with Apple in 2020, in part because Epic wants to offer its own app store. Epic already has its own game store: the Epic Games Store.

A common argument Epic makes against Apple is that the company will charge a very large commission on in-app purchases, allowing creators to keep only 70 percent of revenue from each purchase. Comments about the musical friendliness of the platform fit this criticism.

The company has also focused increasingly on music in recent years, with a number of major music events in its game Fortnite.

For now, not much will change

band camp Confirms This will change little in the service for the time being. However, work is being done in the background on “further developments”, including rolling it out to other countries and designing things like apps, payment systems, and streaming services.

The music platform is seen as a standalone counterpart to big commercial services like Spotify. Millions of musicians use the service to offer their songs for sale. According to Bandcamp, an average of 82 percent of every musician’s purchase so far has earned a total of $891 million (€800 million) through the platform.