June 21, 2024

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Four teenagers were found dead in a car accident after going camping in Wales |  outside

Four teenagers were found dead in a car accident after going camping in Wales | outside

to updateThe four English teenagers who were reported missing yesterday were found dead in their silver Ford Fiesta in North Wales. The four had gone on a car camping trip last weekend. When they did not return on Monday, he raised the alarm. A combination of limited driving experience and adverse weather conditions may have led to the tragic accident

Emergency services have been searching for four teenagers missing in North Wales since yesterday. The boys disappeared after going camping near Snowdonia National Park. Nothing has been heard from them since Sunday morning.

Just after 1pm this afternoon, North Wales Police reported on Channel X that the four’s car had been recovered. The occupants of the silver Ford Fiesta were the four missing Sixth Makers: Jevon Hirst, Harvey Owen, Wilf Henderson and Hugo Morris. All four are seventeen years old and from the English city of Shrewsbury – 90 kilometers away.

“I love you so much, and I will miss you forever. The sweetest, most loving boy I have ever known. I hope you know how much I love you.” Wilf Henderson’s girlfriend Maddy, 17, posted the heartbreaking message on her Instagram account shortly after police confirmed the boys had been found.

Rescue teams headed to some remote parking lots, but were unable to find the boys’ car anywhere. Coastguard helicopters then expanded the search area to Glaslyn Nature Reserve, 80 kilometers away. This afternoon, there were reports that the teenage boys’ car had been found. The car had veered off the A4085 at Garrig, near Tremadog, and ended up on its roof, partially submerged in water.

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No knowledge of camping plans

The mother of 17-year-old Harvey Owen posted a cry for help on Facebook late last night. “I am very concerned. One of these boys is my son Harvey. Please share and tag someone in Wales or get in touch with any information you have,” she wrote.

She told the BBC that she did not know her son was going camping, but assumed he was staying at a friend’s grandfather’s house. She said the boys last used their smartphones on Sunday at noon in Porthmadog. Since then, her son has no longer logged into WhatsApp, which is unusual, she said.


“We are aggressively searching for every possible lead,” she added. “If I had known where he wanted to go, I would have prevented him because it is winter. They are all sensitive and intelligent boys and we hope that they stopped somewhere, got lost, and are doing well.”

Lisa Corfield, the mother of a friend of one of the boys, told British news site MailOnline that the teens were not experienced in camping. “They had never been to that area before. They only went for one night and only took a tent and sleeping bags. Just the basics.”

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