April 15, 2024

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Foxy Lady is almost castrated by fate in ‘The Masked Singer’: She narrowly avoids falling off stage

Foxy Lady is almost castrated by fate in ‘The Masked Singer’: She narrowly avoids falling off stage

The last episode before merging

Foxy Lady, Hippopotamus, Cosmos, Minotaur and Wizard sing their hearts out again.© VTM

The Masked Singer promises to be sexy again tonight. It is the last episode before the merge and not a single contestant will attend. But also the Foxy Lady’s performance will probably make your heart beat a little faster. The person in the cute fox suit narrowly avoids falling off the stage.

Keep a close eye on Foxy Lady when the night comes Don’t go yet by Camila Cabello sings, a song where people dance hard with sexy salsa moves. It was precisely because of that dance that Mrs. Foxy no longer knew where she might go on stage. In a teaser, released yesterday by VTM, you can see her walking all the way to the front of the stage, barely managing to keep herself straight with the help of a row of strategically placed spotlights.

Ferrel Moison, the popular show’s costume officer, told THIS Newspaper last week how politician Bart Tomlin ended up perilously on the edge of the stage during his performance on the first season. This is why a row of dots is placed in front as a demarcation. Good for Foxy Lady, who can only avoid falling because she hits the spot at the right time. Panic, however, was audible: Foxy Lady’s singing was briefly interrupted by a shriek and Detective Bart Kannertz loudly shouted “Careful!”

The last four points

Fortunately, Foxy Lady was able to recover immediately, but it remains to be seen if her performance is good enough to make it to the next episode. After last week, Champignon, Mummy, Raven and Lion are already certain of a spot on the show after the two groups merge. There is only room for the eight best candidates for this season. So tonight there will be a battle to fill the bottom four spots. In addition to Foxy Lady, Hippo, Kosmos, Minotaur and Wizard sing their lungs out again. Not only was Camila Cabello reviewed, but inspiration was also drawn from songs by Tom O’Dell and Katy Perry. In addition, there are also classics careless whisper From George Michael W smells like teen spirit from Nirvana. Participants first sing separately. They themselves designate one person who can go directly to the next round. After that, two more encounters occur that define the leak.

So tonight you can put your weekend to good use again, but unfortunately we have less good news for fans of the two-week show: the broadcast on Friday 24 March will be cancelled, because the Red Devils will be playing football against Sweden that evening. It is a qualifying match for the 2024 European Championships in Germany. The Devils will also play football on VTM on March 28th.

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