May 29, 2023

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Harry and Meghan went to a Halloween party in disguise early in their relationship: 'Nobody knows who we are' |  Harry and Megan

Harry and Meghan went to a Halloween party in disguise early in their relationship: ‘Nobody knows who we are’ | Harry and Megan

PropertyBefore Prince Harry, 37, and Meghan Markle, 40, announced their relationship in 2016, they threw all the brakes at their Halloween party for the last time. The Duchess of Sussex told this in an interview with Ellen DeGeneres (63). Princess Eugenie, 31, and her husband, Jack Brooksbank, 35, were also in attendance. “No one knows who we are.”

The full interview will be streamed on Eileen’s sofa in the US Thursday night, but some previews are already partially revealing about the topic of the conversation. In a new video, for example, Markle tells us about a special Halloween party. “The day before we announced our relationship, we wanted to have a good time,” Megan laughs. “Halloween, where everyone gets dressed up, is of course the perfect occasion. We were dressed up in all kinds of weird costumes, because the theme of the evening was the end of the world. Nobody knew we were there. Princess Eugenie also accompanied us on the way. Great night!”

Meghan also revealed that the family just celebrated Halloween at home this year. Eileen also witnessed this, because the talk show host lives in the same neighborhood and is a close friend of the royal family. “The kids weren’t crazy about Halloween at all,” Megan laughs. “Archie hadn’t been wearing a dinosaur suit for five minutes. Lily looked really cute, she was dressed as a skunk from Bambi.”

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In another clip, Markle shares a funny anecdote from her time as an actress. Before she joined the royal family, she could be seen on the hit series Suits. In an interview with Elaine, Megan revealed that she had a hard time in the early days of her career: “I was driving an old Ford Explorer Sport and at one point I couldn’t open the doors with my key. That’s why I always parked in the back, crawled into my bag and climbed through the seats Passengers forward.”

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