June 24, 2024

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Paul Michaels and Jan Lairs part ways: ‘We’re putting an end to Soulsister for now’

Paul Michaels and Jan Lairs part ways: ‘We’re putting an end to Soulsister for now’

Paul Michel and Jean Lairs put an end to (temporarily) their band Soulsister. Paul himself said this Thursday during an interview with Luk Alloo on Radio Nostalgie. The duo have formed one of the most successful bands in Flanders since 1986.

Scottish Lindsource: Nostalgia for the past

“We’re putting an end to Soulsister for now because Jan will be doing TV work again and I’ll be solo again,” said Paul Michaels of Luk Alloo. From the summer he and Jan will stop performing. Paul himself hopes to return to the stage alone in the fall, after the release of his new single. “Only released four songs. Nowadays, that’s also possible on extended play. That’s a little slice. I’m all back. I can’t stop.”

international breakthrough

Michiels and Leyers formed Soulsister in 1986, penning two years later with their debut album It Takes Two and the single Way To Your Heart. Not only did the rock band reach the top of the charts in Belgium, but they also achieved success elsewhere in Europe and the United States.

Soul Sister in the 1990s© EMA

The second album in 1990 also became one of the most successful records in Belgian history: the song “Heat” caused a huge rush in stores, and the single “Across Before We Begin” again rose to the top of the international charts.

The duo announced in 1997 that their compilation album, The Way to Your Heart, would be their last. Their paths part here for the first time. Paul begins to develop his solo career, while Jan makes his breakthrough on television. Several years later, they find their way into each other’s hearts and begin to perform as Soulsister again.

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In 2022 they re-released their smash hit record ‘HEAT’ with some of their recent singles as bonus tracks and also received a Lifetime Achievement Award during the MIAs.