February 5, 2023

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France, Spain and Great Britain are tightening up draconian rules for travelers from China

Anyone traveling from China should be able to present a negative Corona test in more and more countries. France, Spain and the United Kingdom on Friday joined the ranks of countries imposing stricter rules in response to the advanced wave of coronavirus in China.

Earlier, Italy also imposed additional requirements on those entering the country from China, as did a series of non-European countries, including the United States and India. However, Belgium agrees with the position of the European health agency ECDC, which does not consider new measures necessary at the moment.

British media reported that Prime Minister Rishi Sunak had personally intervened in the matter there. There is no official announcement yet, but it was already said on Thursday that the British government is considering the matter.

France requires all passengers from China, whether direct or via a stopover, to present a negative test taken 48 hours before departure. In addition, wearing a mask will again be mandatory on those flights. France’s health ministry said random PCR tests will also be carried out on passengers from Sunday to detect any new variants.

Spain also announced measures earlier in the day. Anyone traveling from China to Spain will have to present a negative corona test or proof of vaccination upon arrival. The European country is taking this measure because it is concerned about “possible new viral variants”. Madrid also warns travelers to exercise caution.

‘well protected’

With this, Spain, France and Great Britain go against new advice from the European health agency ECDC. That’s what he thought Thursday Not necessary to take new measures For travelers arriving from China on European soil. Europeans are generally well protected, health systems can handle the pressure and there is no evidence of new variants circulating in China.

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Belgium is on the ECDC line and does not feel very supportive of entry restrictions for the Chinese. “As Europeans, we are well protected,” Federal Health Minister Frank Vandenbroecke (Foorewit) said on Thursday. Moreover, according to him, Belgium is a small country in the large Schengen area where free movement of people applies, and a combined approach is necessary in any case.