December 5, 2023

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From a cold and noisy extension to an attractive and colorful dining room

From a cold and noisy extension to an attractive and colorful dining room

Marigie lives with her three children, David, Boaz and Benjamin, in Ennis. They have a lovely extension at the back of the house with high ceilings and lots of glazing. The large amount of light in the dining room makes it appear large, but it is also somewhat uncomfortable. In addition, the room is also very resonant. Marrigje wants it to become a real “living space”: “A beautiful space with a lot of atmosphere where we can chat, laugh, cry together, spend the day and do homework.” She leaves the style and colors almost entirely to the team. “I find it exciting to paint an entire wall a certain color myself, so I leave that up to you. But I like warm colors, and they don’t have to be fluorescent.”

the plan

Interior designer Roy wanted to create a calm base, but bring a touch of color into the design. The walls will have a soft green color and calm wallpaper. “I do this to beautifully emphasize the inside-out feeling,” he explains. There is also a lot of empty space in the dining room. That’s why handyman Patrick created a cute little wall niche using colorful cushions, where the kids can sit comfortably and relax. In addition to eating, Marigie also wanted to be able to work in the space, so Roy changed the existing layout: a rectangular layout Oak dining room table Fills space much better. Choose a model with rounded corners to maintain the softness of the room. Six come to the dining table Chairs With a calm fabric that fits well with the rest of the interior. There are also two beautiful ones with the same color and style Stool bar To the kitchen. Two standing plants, cheerful wall decor, and colorful side tables complete the space!

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Curious about the end result? Watch the video below:

Here’s a quick look at what the dining room looked like before the transformation…

And this is the cozy dining room after the transformation!