March 4, 2024

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Rich wall covering –

Rich wall covering –

the basics-A series of Artie Offering versatile designs that suit many interior styles. Now the wall covering brand adds two new collections, offering its own twist on the modern fabric. in ‘Why Naturals‘ And ‘Totem‘Trendy natural materials such as sisal, raffia and grasses combine with traditional weaving techniques and botanical or geometric art. The result is a rich wall covering with a textured look and a warm ambiance.

Greenery (Photo 1) It is a classic leaf-covered tapestry, but has a more modern look in the artistic design of the same name. The leaf pattern is hand-painted on the upholstery, paying special attention to areas of light and shadow. There is something for those who like warm climates Reverie Tropical: A tropical scene filled with palm trees and ferns from distant oases. Finally, the fact that the design has the look of woven grass gives the whole an extra natural touch. Both designs can be found in the Essentials Les Naturels collection.

Raffia (Photo 2) It is a natural material made from thin slices of palm leaves. the Le Rafia Tessie The wall coverings from the Essentials Les Naturels collection are a faithful representation of open woven raffia on a colorful background. Due to the soothing and organic colors of the surface, the design creates a calm bohemian ambiance for the wall covering.

Tropical sisal fibers have been used for hundreds of years in various applications, but today they are especially appreciated in interior design. In the Les Naturals Basics-Collection, the material is given a central place If sisal Design that is presented in a natural way. If it’s not the same material, it is La Prairie The design from the same series has a realistic representation: the irregular and wide strips in the design almost resemble lifelike woven grass.

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Ethnic patterns are combined with natural grasses to create inspiring wall coverings in Totem Basics Art group. Esparto is a type of fiber found mainly in North Africa, Spain and Portugal, and is used in making all kinds of decorations and utensils. Moreover, the material is the starting point Esparto Africano (Photo 3) And Esparto Iberico Designs, or ethnic textile art on the wall. The Ecoline upholstery also consists of abstract shapes in natural colors painted with Ecoline paint for a beautiful watercolor effect.

In nature there is always imperfect symmetry. The same style has now also been incorporated into endless And Raban Wall coverings from the Essentials Totem collection. While the first design consisted of geometric shapes that formed a perfect puzzle, he did Rabanne design (Photo 4) Lighter personality. Moreover, the latter is a reference to the French term for fabric made from natural fibers such as raffia. It is finished with a glossy effect, creating an interesting contrast with the slightly rough texture of the upholstery.



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