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From insecure girl to pop queen: who is Julia Garner, who was offered the role of Madonna in the biographical film?  † Showbiz

From insecure girl to pop queen: who is Julia Garner, who was offered the role of Madonna in the biographical film? † Showbiz

MovieAfter a long selection process, it seems that the role of Madonna (63) will be played by actress Julia Garner “Inventing Anna” (28). Who are their competitors? How difficult are the tests? But above all… who is this new rising star in Hollywood?

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One thing’s for sure: There’s a biopic of the Queen of Pop: Madonna. The singer will direct the film herself to Universal Pictures, but the studio is still waiting for the green light. So the star is not only the subject, but also directs and co-authors the autobiography. She has her reasons for that. “A lot of people have tried to write movies about me, but to no avail, because the writers have always been men,” Madonna told Jimmy Fallon on “The Tonight Show” last October.

Nothing is known about the story itself yet, but the pop star has already said in an earlier statement that she would like to convey to the great world the amazing journey she has taken as a musician, dancer and as someone trying to make her way inside. this world. The audience. Madonna has already revealed, “But the focus of the film will be on the music.” It has passed many famous stage actresses to get into the skin of a pop star. It is rumored that actresses like Florence Pugh, Emma Laird and Sidney Sweeney were in the running.

Actresses Florence Pugh, Julia Garner and Emma Laird © hln

Cumbersome test rounds

So finding the right Madonna wasn’t easy. The actresses went through long and hard test days – it was a real “Madonna Bootcamp”, which could last up to eleven hours a day. They auditioned and had to prove themselves in choreography sessions with Madonna’s choreographer and with the Queen of Pop herself. There were also many lectures and singing auditions under the star’s watchful eyes. It was like, ‘You really have to be able to do it all’. The chosen one still has months of intense training.

Who is this rising star?

After a months-long search, the decision appears to have been made: Julia Garner has reportedly been offered the role of Madonna, although it is not yet clear if she has also said “yes” to the proposal. The 28-year-old American actress has been in this field for about ten years, but she is still relatively unknown to the general public. Her big break? Her role as Ruth Langmore in the Netflix series Ozark. She has received several awards, including an Emmy, for her acting performance.

What brought the Jewish actress into the spotlight even more was the mini-series “Inventing Anna”, which appeared on Netflix at the beginning of this year. Julia Garner stars as Anna Sorokin, a Russian-born girl who pretends to be the very wealthy German heiress Anna Delphi.

During an interview with “The New York Times” about “Anna’s innovation”, Julia expressed her dissatisfaction with the life of the stars. “Being famous is dirty. Some abuse their power and that can be really dangerous. Just look at what happened to Anna.” The series is based on real events. Julia also visited the real Anna Sorokin in prison to prepare for her role.

Julia Garner as Anna Delphi in the TV series

Julia Garner as Anna Delphi in “Inventing Anna”. © Nicole Rivelli/Netflix © 2021

Overcoming uncertainty

In an interview with BUILD Series, the actress said that she started acting to overcome her shyness. She took acting lessons to gain confidence and overcome her shyness. Lessons clearly did its job, as Susan Shopmaker’s selection agency picked her up soon after and landed her first major role as Martha Marcy May Marlene. Since then, she has had more and more roles, including a role in The Perks of Being a Wallflower. The actress makes it a point to review all the projects she is involved in. Although she still finds it strange to see herself busy. “I still have to get used to it. It’s part of the job, so you have to get used to seeing yourself in action. I think it can also help you improve your acting,” she says in the interview.

Julia Garner in the miniseries

Julia Garner in the miniseries “Inventing Anna” © AP – (Nicole Rivelli/Netflix via AP)

famous husband

While Julia Garner makes a lot of names and fame in Hollywood, her husband is no stranger either. She is married to Foster the People’s lead singer, Mark Foster (38). The couple met at the Sundance Film Festival and clicked right away. In December 2019, the two held the knot.

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