February 5, 2023

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Fujitsu showcases network technology of up to 1.2Tbit/s per wavelength – Update – IT Pro – News

Fujitsu showcases optical network technology that can transmit 1.2 terabytes of data per second for each wavelength of light. The technology comes with a new digital signal processor, water cooling, and machine learning that can monitor the various components of the communication.

New digital signal processor According to Fujitsu One of the reasons the network technology is able to achieve a speed of 1.2 terabytes of data per second per wavelength of light. Among other things, the processor will compensate for signal distortion causing the signal According to Tom’s Hardware Four times more than before. The company has also developed a water cooling system that can be used for optical network technology, making it the first company in the world to have this technology in-house.

Fujitsu has also improved cooling efficiency and power consumption, raising power consumption to 120 megawatts per Gbit/s. According to the Japanese company, this is the lowest energy consumption in the industry. The company has also developed machine learning technology that can optimize power consumption and monitor the state of the optical network. The network technology equipment will be a third smaller and lighter than the air-cooled alternatives. The new technology will hit the market early next year.

Update, 6.27pm: The article originally stated that Fujitsu’s network technology can transmit 1.2 TB/s data per wavelength, but this should be 1.2 TB/s. The article has been modified accordingly.

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