January 31, 2023

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'We're trapped like lemons': Delhaize employees lay down their work, seven stores closed in Brussels |  Brussels

‘We’re trapped like lemons’: Delhaize employees lay down their work, seven stores closed in Brussels | Brussels

BrusselsSeven stores of the Delhaize chain in Brussels were closed today after employees stopped working. Employees are unhappy with social counseling that failed on Monday evening. The Henker branch in Odergham, among others, remains closed today, and employees gathered there at 6 am this morning to close the entrance doors.

In 2019, Delhaize was reorganized to make stores run more efficiently. This included multipurpose teams with employees who could be deployed more flexibly. In addition, a flying team was created to make up for the absence in stores. Only the socialist trade union BBTK signed the collective labor agreement that arranged everything, but the union canceled the collective labor agreement this spring. This was followed by a reconciliation meeting on Monday, but it did not lead to anything. That is why employees in many Brussels stores have given up their work today.


The doors of Delhaize Hankar in Auderghem did not open at 8 today as planned. To give a clear indication, a number of employees take their mail in front of the entrance, for them something has to change, and instead today, not tomorrow. “Many employees are getting sick because they can no longer handle the workload. We have been raising this issue for six months, where we can’t continue to work like this, but we have not been listened to,” said Delhaize Hankar, 51 of Hoeilaart has been working for 30 years at the Delhaize branch of Lucien Outersgaarde in Auderghem.According to him, the situation has been unacceptable for some time, and the management is not doing much about it.There is a lack of interest in the staff and the management should form a flying team to accommodate the dropout staff.David says indignantly at The entrance to the branch where he has been a loyal employee for years: “We simply squeeze like lemons.” Together with his colleagues, he remains on the mail at the branch entrance doors until tonight to send customers away.

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Delhaize Hankar in Auderghem on strike: David (51) from Hoeilaart has been working at Delhaize for 30 years © csd

Delhaize spokesman Roel Dekelver confirmed the strike. On Wednesday afternoon, nine self-managed shops were closed in the Brussels region and there are still outages today. “Currently, seven supermarkets in the Brussels region are not available to customers.”

According to union secretary Wilson Willens of the liberal union ACLVB, the situation is beginning to “escalate”. “It has become untenable. It shows that people have run out of patience. Something has to happen. New consultation with management.”

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