December 9, 2022

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Google Russia has to file for bankruptcy after bank account confiscation – IT Pro – News

Thus, Russia, too, has been occupied enough with messing around inside or outside its borders. What is your point exactly? Let’s face it. The conflict that actually led to a shift in national borders, or “land grabs” (or divestment), didn’t happen in Western countries for long. Russia recently annexed the Crimea, and now it has invaded a country (Russian troops are fighting outside its territory). Do you think that the rest of the world, based on the “facts” presented by Putin, will give this country to Russia? There was a lot of fuss about this a few decades ago.

I can only compare the rest of your argument with what we call liars Russia, but the counter-argument is that the West makes jokes!!! All very big liars† That’s right, tell us some news.. this is how everyone in power will react.. CEO, manager, politician, narcissist or individual (see Johnny Depp lawsuit). But say, what are we talking about.. in NL across the border means ‘no no’ to us, to JD, the former is the one who swings in bed.. and in Ukraine we talk about all-out war with innocent civilian victims, infrastructure and society bombarded with millions of refugees .

You certainly don’t have to agree with what NATO is doing. Personally, I wouldn’t start many “peace missions” in the Middle East like this. However, I think this is for a completely different reason. But above all, this does not mean that what we have done makes what Russia is doing now any less bad. I think everyone would like a world where we run international trade fairly, where we can spread prosperity, and where we don’t (need) wars, etc.

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