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Gangster on trial for Tupac Shakur's murder asks judge for house arrest: 'There is no danger to society' |  celebrities

Gangster on trial for Tupac Shakur's murder asks judge for house arrest: 'There is no danger to society' | celebrities

celebritiesDuane Davis, 60, a former Los Angeles mobster accused of killing Tupac Shakur in 1996, plans to ask a judge Tuesday to place him under house arrest pending his trial in June. His attorneys say Davis is in poor health and poses no danger to society.

Since the murder of hip-hop icon Tupac Shakur in Las Vegas in 1996, a detailed investigation has been underway into the possible perpetrators. The prime suspect par excellence is Duana Davis, the notorious Los Angeles mob boss. Although his trial will not take place until next June, and Davis will spend some time behind bars until then, he will request house arrest next week. His lawyers just announced this to the New York Post:

“Davis is in poor health and no longer poses a danger to the community. No, he will not flee to avoid prosecution.” The attorneys are also asking that the judge set Davis' bail at $100,000.

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Duane Davis pleaded not guilty on November 2 in Clark County Circuit Court in Nevada. © Getty Images via AFP

Since his arrest on September 29, Davis has remained in jail without bail. This means that it cannot be “redeemed”. Davis is still pleading not guilty, so he will ask the judge on house arrest to serve the time until trial in June.

Tupac's murder

Davis is accused of killing Tupac Shakur in 1996. According to numerous testimonies, including that of his son, Davis allegedly orchestrated the 1996 shooting in which Tupac became the victim.

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Robert Arroyo, one of Davis' attorneys, told the Associated Press that he saw no evidence that a witness was named or threatened. His entire team also claims that these claims are untrue and that they were made for “pure entertainment and money-making purposes.”

If convicted, Davis could spend the rest of his life in prison in Nevada.

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