July 12, 2024

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Gert Verhein saw Club handing out “gifts” to Genk in the back: “What is it all about?”  |  extra time

Gert Verhein saw Club handing out “gifts” to Genk in the back: “What is it all about?” | extra time

“There were gifts between them,” Gert Verheyen does not utter the words. The analyst saw Club Brugge defend very weakly against KRC Genk at times.

“I think they want to play fair and be a good opponent in the play-offs. But, well… sometimes they not only cleared the ball badly, but shoved it into the opponent’s feet.”

“This is how the club gives two goals,” he continues. “Then there are weird treats and I thought: What is all that about? I don’t want to wave anything off.”

Will Club Brugge play a decisive role in the title struggle due to its indolence?

“Not only do you have to do your best, but you also have to want and be able to be very aggressive,” Verheyen says. “The club hasn’t been like this against Genk for a long time, but it was against Antwerp. You need that determination to be a tough opponent.”

Part of the club’s supporters would rather see Genk or Union become champions than The Great Old and even celebrate a goal by Genk. “Very annoying,” Frankie van der Elst shakes his head.

“Why do football fans not give Antwerp the title?” asks Philip Joos. “After 66 years it’s a fairy tale, isn’t it? It lives on in every stadium, while you can’t blame anyone from Antwerp for sportsmanship. Is it Paul Jesens’ money?”

“It should also be about sympathy for the Union,” Verheyen believes. “And also: the fans fear that Antwerp will become too big. But then they have to realize that the federation is also on this path,” concludes Arnar Fedarsson.

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