January 26, 2023

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The United States opens its borders in November, and only vaccinated people are welcome

‘GGT leader: We take into account two more injections in 2022’

‘GGT leader: We take into account two more injections in 2022’

By 2022 GGD is considering two more rounds of vaccinations. This is what GGD GHOR President AndrĂ© Rouvoet said in a statement. Interview Met Telegraph Saturday. The health service should be able to re-vaccinate the Dutch population against the corona virus “approximately in May-June and October-November”.

Response time for injection rounds to be continued later in the year should be shorter than the booster campaign that started slowly, says Jab Eikelboom, GGD GHOR’s Govt-19 project director, in the same interview. Telegraph. “We will do this by selecting some key locations that can be drilled quickly if needed.” There will be “we can summon it quickly if needed”, “assembled puncture and test army”.

In conversation, Eikelboom says that the reason the Dutch booster campaign started with difficulty compared to other European countries was “the order was issued later”. “You saw that the Health Council has long advised that an immediate increase is not necessary.” When you have work, “you do not have all the staff and seats,” he says.

Citigroup to lay off unvaccinated U.S. employees

Citigroup, a US-based bank, is set to send employees who have not yet been vaccinated against Govt-19 on unpaid leave by Friday. At the end of the month, they will be fired if they are not exempted for medical or religious reasons. This is clear from an internal note viewed by Reuters on Friday.

The bank, which announced the introduction of a stringent vaccination policy in October, is set to become the first bank to strictly adhere to the vaccination obligation on Wall Street. Despite the wave of contagious omigran variants of the corona virus, the finance department is struggling to figure out how employees can safely return to the office.

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Other major Wall Street banks, including Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and JPMorgan Chase, have advised unvaccinated employees to work from home, but none have gone so far as to lay off employees. Some other major US companies, including Google and United Airlines, have enacted “no-job, no-work” policies with various austerity measures.

More than 90 percent of Citigroup employees have yet to meet vaccination requirements, and that number is growing rapidly, according to Reuters sources. The bank has previously said it wants to comply with President Joe Biden’s administration’s policy of vaccinating employees working on government contracts. Vaccine duty is controversial in the United States, however; The U.S. Supreme Court on Friday ruled that companies with 100 or more employees need the vaccine. Republican representatives from several states and business groups have filed lawsuits against the move.

A Citibank branch in New York. Photo by Lucas Jackson / Reuters

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In this blog, the authors NRC Report on the most important developments related to the Corona crisis over the weekend of January 8th and 9th. On Friday, RIVM announced that children between the ages of 18 and 12 are welcome to be vaccinated against corona, and the number of corona patients in Dutch hospitals has dropped again. RIVM, meanwhile, reported 35,000 positive corona test results between Thursday and Friday morning: daily recording. In Germany, the 2G-Plus policy was introduced for cafes and restaurants. This means that those who have no longer been double-vaccinated (or have recovered from a corona infection) but have not yet had a booster shot will now have to show negative test evidence to visit the catering industry.

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Read the full blog on Friday here: Nearly 35,000 positive test results, the highest number ever