June 5, 2023

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Giro stage 18: Demonic triple takes off with uphill finish in Val di Zoldo, birthday pink jersey | Giro d’Italia 2023

Giro d’Italia: Stage 18

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location 12:30: Oderzo 5:15 p.m.: Val di Zoldo


After the runners’ snack, the tri-truth begins the day. Access is difficult in Val di Zoldo. Another chance for the favorites to tease each other again. Take the mountain road from 12:30 pm.

  1. 12 noon 10. Primoz Roglic remains my most dangerous competitor. He is very experienced and has a good team. Matteo Tossatto (Ineos Sports Director).
  2. 12:08 a.m. It’s nice that Laurens De Plus is still in the top 10. He’s been in great shape all season and I’m really happy for him. But our priority here is to win the overall with Geraint Thomas. Matteo Tossatto (Ineos Sports Director).
  3. 12 noon 08.
  4. 12:07 a.m. Did Hailey and Bess sleep well? Today could be the day of Ben Healy and Davide Paes. The two in the mountain classification could split no fewer than 268 points for the mountain blue jersey along the way. KOM rating: 1. Ben Healy – 164 points 2. David Paes – 144 3. Inner Rubio – 117 4. Thibaut Pinot – 114 5. Joao Almeida – 55.
  5. 11:59 a.m. Oderzo. In the starting town of Oderzo, where the Giro stage will start for the first time, the teams will be introduced to the Italian public one by one. & nbsp; .
  6. 11:56 I stay in the Giro until Rome. I totally wanted to go back and give the boys a heart under their belt. Top 10 will be tough for Van Wilder, but there is still a lot of change in the days ahead. Patrick Lefevre.
  7. It’s 11:54 a.m. The decision hasn’t been made yet, but Remco Evenepoel will ride the Tour of Switzerland or the Tour of Belgium and then the Championship. During the tour, he goes on altitude training in preparation for the World Cup. Patrick Lefevre is back in the Giro.
  8. 11:41 a.m. First time Val di Zoldo. With Tre Cime di Lavaredo, a roaring name from the history of the Giro will arrive tomorrow. Today, with the short final climb to Val di Zoldo, that wasn’t much of the case. It’s the first time Jiro has ever finished there. It’s not uncommon in this year’s Giro. Because Crans-Montana and Monte Bondone rarely or never received a visit from the Pink Caravan. .
  9. Problems 49 and 50. Yesterday was a quiet day in terms of problems, but today two names could be crossed from the Giro’s list of participants. Niccolo Bonifazio, yesterday still fourth with Intermarch√©, is ill (La Corona) and will not appear again at the start in Oderzo. The Giro also finished early for Luca Covelli of Bardiani. A total of 50 riders have given up on this Tour of Italy. Since 2010 this number has been very high. Then 59 riders did not make it to the finish line in Verona. & nbsp; With three grueling stages in the Dolomites to go, this number can be ‘beaten’. . 11 am 10.
  10. Thomas celebrates his 37th birthday in a pink jumper. It will be a special day for Geraint Thomas. The leader celebrates his thirty-seventh birthday. “With some mountains in the Giro,” the Welshman laughs. France’s Alex Bodin (AG2R) also celebrates his birthday today at the Tour of Italy. He is 22 years old, much younger than Thomas. . 10 am 06.
  11. 07h36.5 Coles, two-stage final. La Crosetta is a first class climb (11.6 km down 7.1%) with the summit after 40 km. Pieve di Cadore is 28 km (7.3 km by 4.8%), and is a Category IV mountain. The finale is amazing. We reach the summit of Forcella Cibiana (first cat, 9.6km by 7.8%) at 26km from the finish. Then it descends 12 km and the two-stage rocket starts to finish. Because it’s not a very long climb, it’s a category II climb. But Coi has 5.7km of 9.7% climbing with cut-offs that are 19% more brutal. Riders can take a break during the two-kilometer descent to blast off afterwards to the Val di Zoldo ski resort at Refugio Palafavera (2.7km down 6.4%). After 161 km there is the line. .
  12. 25-05-2023.
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