March 30, 2023

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GlobalWafers wants to build new wafer factory in US – IT Pro – News

Wafer manufacturer Globalwafers plans to build a manufacturing facility in the US state of Texas. The company expects the factory to produce the first 300mm scales by 2025.

$ 5 billion has been invested in construction projects. When construction is complete and production progresses beyond 2025, it should be Monthly 1.2 million 300mm scales GlobalWafers expects 1,500 jobs. According to the Taiwanese company, this is the first time in 20 years that a scale factory of this size has been built in the United States.

The company points out that most of the scales are currently manufactured in Asia and therefore the US semiconductor industry is largely dependent on imports of scales. GlobalWafer calls the factory an important step in combating chip shortages.

The company hopes to receive financial assistance from the US government. Whether construction will continue and the size of the factory will depend Chips are subject to the approval of the Act, The company told AFP. The bill is designed to support the US semiconductor industry with $ 52 billion, but Democrats and Republicans are at a crossroads over whether to approve it. State of Texas supports GlobalWafers’ construction plans.

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