December 8, 2022

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Google Assistant is coming to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 this summer

Google Assistant is coming to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 this summer

Google and Samsung are working closely together on WearOS and this is increasingly noticeable. In the summer, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 will receive the Google Assistant. With this, you can talk to the smartwatch and, for example, control your smart home via the Google Home app.


The advantage of WearOS is that Google Assistant works on it, but so far the Galaxy Watch 4 is the only smartwatch running this operating system that lacks the voice assistant. You have to settle for Bixby, Samsung’s voice assistant, which is less well known than the “Google Maps voice”.

Good news for people tired of talking to Bixby: Google Assistant is coming to the Samsung smartwatch this summer, according to a report on its website. website† In addition, the Korean tech brand indicates that it wants to further develop its smartwatch software. This refers to the use of the voice assistant in more and more applications and the ability to enable the Google Health Connect app.

Google Assistant on Galaxy Watch 4

The only thing missing in this good news is what Samsung understands by summer. Is this on June 21? Or are we closer to autumn? There is now a new update for the smartwatch, but this party isn’t a part of that yet. In fact, it’s not a very exciting update anyway: there are no major new features or apps in this update.

We wrote this on our review About Controlling Samsung Galaxy Watch 4: “After setting up the watch, it is explained step by step how to operate the watch and you can also practice the operation right away. There are several options for operating the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic: via Bixby voice, rotating ring or hand gestures. For example, Slide your wrist up and down twice to take a call or twist your wrist twice if that doesn’t fit.You can also cycle between different squares or go back to the screen by swiping across the screen, but I think it’s a bit too small for that.I mainly used the rotating ring because it works fast And great accuracy. You can also use the top button as the home button and the bottom button as the back button.”

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 series consists of two watches, a regular version and a classic version. Samsung G . phone

The alaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic both have a lot of tools to monitor your health, and of course also to record and analyze your activities. The watches also have a beautiful color Super AMOLED display, improved battery life, and run on the new Wear OS 3.

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