September 22, 2023

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Google is working on new AI applications

Google is working on new AI applications

There are currently at least 21 new AI applications under development at Google DeepMind.

According to the message from The New York Times Google DeepMind is working on several dozen new AI applications. These apps will even include an AI function that, yes, gives tips for life.

Teamwork makes AI work

Earlier this year, Google merged two of its major AI research facilities. Google Brain and DeepMind should work well together on the ambitious Gemini project (which they do), but that’s not the only thing.

In total, the extended team will work on a minimum of 21 applications. The Times was able to see a prompt for the life advice function, which shows that the system can handle complex questions of several lines of text. However, according to The Times, Google engineers have already expressed concern about the potential impact of this app on users. So there is a possibility that this feature will not be launched. By the way, none of the projects have absolute certainty about this.

These 20 other AI apps include an educational function and an app that helps users prepare documents for specific timelines (such as preparing a budget). DeepMind is also said to be working on an idea generation feature, which seems both creative and mysterious at the same time.

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To support this comprehensive search, Google has partnered with Scale AI Inc. , particularly with regard to development. This startup sells tools that allow other companies to create creative datasets for training and integrate LLM models into their software.

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Scale AI was even going to bring together several teams to provide Google with the necessary help. In total, more than 100 experts, all with PhDs, will be employed on Google’s AI projects.

Google is not limited to these initiatives when it comes to artificial intelligence; The tech giant recently launched Project IDX, a new developer platform for artificial intelligence. In addition, Google Assistant has also had constructional artificial intelligence since the beginning of this month.