December 3, 2023

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Google Photos has AI technology that helps clean up your library

Google Photos has AI technology that helps clean up your library

Google Photos is getting a series of new features that will make it easier for users to organize their library. Artificial intelligence should help with this.

Using a built-in AI tool, Google Photos can recognize photos that are very similar (for example, those you took shortly after each other). They are then grouped together into a “stack,” Google reports Blog. This way you can go through it again and keep only the best examples of this sunset. The AI ​​goes one step further and automatically chooses the “best” photo as a suggestion. If the feature is getting in your way too much, you can simply disable stacks.

but this is not all. Google Photos can automatically sort more content, such as receipts or important documents. You can soon add a calendar item directly from a screenshot or photo.

AI is not new

Google is labeling these new capabilities as AI, but since Google Photos is so smart at handling your photos, the new features don’t really come as a surprise. Google Photos has been working with AI for years, and Google has been able to unleash its content recognition algorithm on our photos long enough. That’s why you can specifically search for images of dogs, cats, or cars within Google Images, for example.

Earlier this year, Google added a similar AI feature, where photos can create a scrapbook based on related photos. The algorithm sorts your photos into categories and then lets you adjust the title of your scrapbook suggestion and edit the content. It has already become possible to modify images using artificial intelligence, such as removing unwanted objects.

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