March 29, 2023

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Google Pixel smartphones with Teams are blocking emergency calls

Google Pixel smartphones with Teams are blocking emergency calls

“This is an emergency. Help me.” Just like Goldband, we can call the emergency number in one, two, three: “112, then help me.” But what if your smartphone does not want to call the emergency number? As there is something wrong with Google smartphones, this is the reality for some people.

Some Americans with a Google smartphone can no longer access the emergency number. The error was first detected in a file Google Pixel 3. A A Reddit user shared her story On the social media platform: “My phone rang once and then immediately switched off. I couldn’t do anything but scroll through my apps while the emergency call was still running in the background.”

unwanted reaction

The problem only occurs on Google smartphones Microsoft Teams have been installed. Additionally, you should not be signed in to the Microsoft Teams app.

Google is currently investigating the flaws in the smartphones released by the company. The company’s support team also responded via Reddit. They said the error was caused by an “unwelcome interaction” between Teams and the Android operating system.

An update will be released on January 4 that resolves the issue.

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