February 2, 2023

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Google Wallet supports ID and driver's license

Google Wallet supports ID and driver’s license

Image: iStock

Google Wallet, the app you can currently link your bank card to, will soon support IDs and driver’s licenses.

You can pay without touching your Android smartphone via Google Wallet. Nowadays you can link bank cards and all kinds of savings cards and tickets to it. This puts an end to all plastic cards and cardboard cards in your wallet. Soon, Google also wants you to be able to leave those other two cards, which you should always have with you at home.

Google is working to support driving and ID cards in the Wallet app. The feature is being tested first in the US, and not even anyone can use the feature. Only electronic IDs and digital driver’s licenses will be supported. Also, not all US states participate in the testing program.

Google really wants to be the manager of all your cards. Whether he will eventually come to that, remains to be seen. Moreover, plans to transfer this position to European countries do not seem imminent. Just as some US states are concerned about privacy around digital IDs and driver’s licenses, the same concerns exist here. In addition, privacy legislation in Europe is much stricter than in America. This may mean that it takes longer than expected before the functionality is available here as well.

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