December 1, 2023

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Greek minister: ‘anti-social’ and ‘obscene’ arsonists will be prosecuted |  outside

Greek minister: ‘anti-social’ and ‘obscene’ arsonists will be prosecuted | outside

Minister Vassilis Kikilias concluded, “What is happening here is not only outrageous, but also obscene and criminal.” “You are committing a crime against the country. You will not be spared, we will find you and execute you.”

Kikilias spoke in particular of the fires at the foot of Mount Parnitha, northwest of Athens. According to him, a total of nine arson attacks took place there on Thursday morning. Added a list of all new fire sources and possible arson time. Through their “anti-social” behaviour, the perpetrators endanger forests, property and, above all, human lives.

Massive wild and forest fires have been raging in northern Greece for six days. And given the strong winds that have been blowing for days, the fire can spread quickly. The fire service assumes that most fires were set deliberately. But catching the perpetrators rarely succeeds.

Greece already faced major fires last month. The island of Rhodes was particularly affected. In ten days, 17,770 hectares were destroyed. About 20,000 people, most of them tourists, have been evacuated.

look. Earlier this week, 18 charred bodies were found in a remote area

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