September 27, 2023

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The famous ‘kissing rocks’ in Vietnam are in danger of collapsing |  for travel

The famous ‘kissing rocks’ in Vietnam are in danger of collapsing | for travel

The famous “kissing rocks” in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam, are in danger of collapsing. Scientists warn of this. Millions of tourists visit the rocks every year.

The twin rocks are located in the middle of Ha Long Bay, a bay included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. There are hundreds of small islands in the Vietnamese Gulf. Millions of tourists visit the nature reserve every year.

The two rocks in the heart of Ha Long Bay are very popular. From a certain angle, they appear to be kissing each other. The rocks are also known as chicken rocks.

But experts warn in a report that the rocks are eroding rapidly due to rising sea levels and boats sailing too close. “Illegal fishing and unregulated tourism” are accelerating the decline, said expert Hou Tien Zhong of the Vietnamese Institute of Geosciences and Mineral Resources. At low tide, you can actually see how the supporting base of the rocks are eroding away. “If measures are not taken quickly to protect and strengthen it, there is a risk of collapse,” says expert Hu Tianzhong.

Tourist boats

The researchers saw it before their eyes when a tourist boat came just 19 meters from the rocks. The passing boats cause waves that crash against the rocks, grinding them more and more.

Experts call for a speed limit in the vicinity of natural phenomena. Fishermen should also stop fishing in the area. To save receptive rock, it can help seal cracks that already exist.

By the way, not only receptive rocks are at risk. Researchers say that forty rocks in Ha Long Bay are threatened by collapse.

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Kissing rocks in Vietnam. © Artera/International Image Collection