June 14, 2024

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Hanne and Marthe hand out their first gold ticket and two boys get high scores: See all the quizzes from "K2 Looking for K3" |  TV

Hanne and Marthe hand out their first gold ticket and two boys get high scores: See all the quizzes from “K2 Looking for K3” | TV

TVThirteen Flemish and Dutch boys and girls gave their best on Saturday evening to replace Klaasje in the second round of testing from ‘K2 is looking for K3′. In addition to the Watch and Listen box, viewers were able to see Hanne & Marthe’s reactions to the Golden Square for the first time this time around. Team K3 also distributed a Golden Ticket for the first time at the end of the episode. We included all the tests, and this time the boys’ performance in particular stood out.

These Flemish candidates seized the opportunity:

22 years joke From Rottselaer she concluded a particularly difficult period with her test of “K2 looking for K3”. “I had breast cancer in the last year,” she said. “At the moment everything is going well and the treatment is over. It makes me realize: life is short, so enjoy it. Take the initiative and we will see where we end up.” She performed the song “You are beautiful”, “Because I believe that everyone should hear such a beautiful message every day.”

Nanny Nancy He grew up (22) in the Netherlands, but now lives in Kempen, Belgium. She sings in gospel choirs and occasionally supports with her mother’s singer sister. She sang “Ushuaia” on Saturday night.

The 25-year-old Amy He loves animals, Padel and Limburg. She also once participated in Miss Belgium. “But that’s not so much that Amy stands in front of you today. I’m actually more of a K3,” she said. She was hoping to move forward with K3 Airlines.

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20 years Chahrazad She took her chance with “Tele-Romeo”. “I’m going to be a good K3 because I have the energy and spirit in me to do my best and share my passion with everyone who loves K3,” she said. The girl forgot her text for a moment, but then managed to pick herself up.

finish (19) Already played in the music studio 100 “40-45”. I laughed. “I got the microbe through Ketnet Musical and ’40-45.’” Then I thought: This is it and I want to make it my business. That’s why I’m taking my chance.” I did it with “Not Normal.” “A song that suits me anyway.”

Gayel (25) is a professional dancer and she has already danced in ’20 jaar K3′ show. So Han and Marth were shocked with a hat in the golden box: “This is our background dancer! I didn’t know he could sing!” Was Gayle impressed by his “When it’s raining inside”?

19 years Remy It is a student music theater in Tilburg. “You might know me from ‘Campus 12,’ but especially like Wickie De Viking,” it sounded like Saturday night. At the age of 10 he also appeared alongside Gilly Clemens and Frey Sofrio in the musical “Robin Hood”. Theater pressure doesn’t deter Remy. What did the jury say about his experience on “Eyo”?

These Dutch candidates also gave their best:

23 years Lisa (23) Works in the attraction of Python in Efteling and sometimes characters in the most famous Dutch series “Goede Tijden, Bad Tijden”. According to Hanne & Marthe, she chose a difficult song for her audition: “Zwaai If Je Verliefd Bent”.

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“I came out of my family to sing, dance and act. That is why I am here,” said the 23-year-old. Melissa. She studies and studies music by herself. She auditioned for Natalia’s favorite K3 song: ‘You Have A Friend’, a song that covered itself on Love for Music.

21 years Luca He is an all-round student musician. Last year he won the championship for solo dance performances in Belgium and the Netherlands. He believes that sitting still is a waste of time. What moves did he show in “Oya Lilly”?

Dancing, singing, entertaining and making people happy, that’s all Merrill (21) He says he prefers to. She was allowed to do just that during her audition on “De Drie Biggetjes”.

The 25-year-old Timo He has a passion for musicals and writes fun shows for the holiday park. In addition, he has a giant K3 group at home with approximately 2,000 to 3,000 traits. Will he soon get a spot in K3 with ‘Papa Pa’?

In your hand (24) a music teacher and plays in a band. It’s also totally zen with Disney puzzles and high-altitude mountain air. Did Eileen also stay zen while auditioning for “Bij De Politie”?

What did Han and Marth decide?

The first test demo of ‘K2 is looking for K3’ ended last week with a big surprise. Just when everyone thought the first dropouts were known, an extra cage suddenly came down to the studio. No viewing box, no listening box, but a gold box with Hanne and Marthe as additional members of the jury. They’ll be able to catch all the auditions from there in the coming weeks and have the opportunity to hunt down unjust dropouts and send them straight to studio shows with a golden ticket. This time they decided to save Amy. Hanne and Marthe’s experiences at the Gold Chest and behind the scenes of ‘K2 is looking for K3’ can be followed exclusively after each quiz show in ‘K2 is looking for me’ at VTM GO.

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If you want to play at a hearing and see the jury for yourself, you can do so via vtm.be. In the online quiz tool of “K2 Striving K3” everyone can judge the pre-tests of 68 candidates who took their chance at the show. And just based on their voice or appearance. Would you rather see candidates in action from the viewing box or would you rather hear them only from the listening box? Try it yourself and give your favorite “Oja” or “Néné”. One of these 68 will soon be Klasji’s successor.

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