May 28, 2024

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He lives.  Ms. Foxy has to let go of the Masked Singer, find out who was under the mask here |  HLN’s Instagram

He lives. Ms. Foxy has to let go of the Masked Singer, find out who was under the mask here | HLN’s Instagram

televisionThis Saturday, the Sportpaleis roof will be raised with The Masked Singer in Concert. But also a day earlier, The Masked Singer had caused fireworks to go off. The tenth show was about the return of Miss Poes, Wolf, Rabbit, Knight and Queen. After such a great show, you’ll almost forget that someone has to go home. Unfortunately, it was the turn of the already famous Foxy Lady. Find out here who was under the mask and rewatch all the shows.

Today, the five masked singers from previous seasons are back in duo with the remaining five masked singers from the current season: Hippo, Foxy Lady, Champignon, Wizard, and Raven. Moreover, they did it without knowing who was hiding behind the masks. This week, they also searched for the true identity of the masked men.

“I crawled back into Miss Bo’s suit! Meauwkes, I was really looking forward to it!” says Camille, winner of the previous season. She sang “2 Be Loved” by Lizzo in a duet with Hippopotamus. “I think the combination of Miss Poes and Hippo is the best of all. We even look a bit alike, it’s just a match. But in all the times I’ve been on stage, I’ve never stood next to someone I didn’t know (laughs).”

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Loredana formed a duo with Tovenaar to sing U2’s “One”. “I’m so happy to be Knight again. I can already see Knight with Wizard, they both have a mystery thing. Raven went on a duet with Queen. Of course I’m glad to be here and sing again,” said Sandra Kim. “It’s been two years since I’ve been here. I didn’t miss the suit, it’s so heavy.” With their performance of “Try” by P! NK, Queen and Raaf leave everyone with their mouths open. Then there was the return of Conner Russo, who played Bunny. Bunny sings along with Mushroom “Get Down to the Backstreet Boys.

Who was under the cunning mask?

Also a match in heaven were Foxy Lady and Wolf, who sang “You’re The One That I Want” from Grease together. “I was secretly hoping to sing a duet with Foxy Lady,” says Kevin. “Not only will I sing, but I will use Wolf’s nose to take a good sniff at Foxy Lady.”

But that sniffing was no longer necessary at the end of the episode, when Foxy’s Masked imploded irrevocably. Who was hiding behind the snout of a mysterious fox? That was Denira Boukhris Turkidis (32). It’s like, “I’m going to miss Foxy so much.” Read Danira’s first major interview after being eliminated here.

look. First interview with the leaked Foxy Lady

This weekend, the Masked Singers will perform twice at the Sportpaleis.

Review all dual planks here

Miss Poes & Hippo “2 Be Loved” by Lizzo

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Bunny and Mushroom “Get Off” by the Backstreet Boys

The Sorcerer and the Knight “One” by U2

Mrs. Foxy Wolf “You’re the One That I Want” from Grease

The Crow and Queen “Try” from P! N.K

The confrontation between Mrs. Foxy and the magician

This is what the Foxy Lady really looks like

Check out our live blog below.

Masked Singer: Raven, Mrs. Foxy, Hippopotamus, Wolf, Rabbit, Queen, Miss Cat, Knight, Mushroom and Wizard © VTM

Camille Donut and the Hippopotamus
Camille Donut and the Hippopotamus © VTM

Andra Kim and Raven
Andra Kim and Raven © VTM

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“The Masked Singer”: Hippopotamus and Miss Boyce © VTM

Kevin Janssens and Foxy Lady
Kevin Janssens and Foxy Lady © VTM

Hippopotamus and Miss Boo
Hippopotamus and Miss Boo © VTM

Foxy Lady Wolf
Foxy Lady Wolf © VTM

Bunny and mushrooms
Bunny and mushrooms © VTM

Loredana de Amicis & The Magician
Loredana de Amicis & The Magician © VTM

The Queen and the Raven
The Queen and the Raven © VTM