May 30, 2023

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I can barely speak, everything hurts: Tom Weiss breaks four ribs and collarbone in bike accident | BV

BV“Sorry guys, it’s not really working. I can hardly speak, everything hurts.” Unfortunately, he still wanted to muster all his courage to attend the “Welcome to AA” live podcast, but Tom Weiss, 54, had to give up. The actor fell to the ground with a bang after his wheels got caught in a tram. A painful fall, he broke four ribs and collarbone.

The presenter of The Story of Flanders was a guest at the Arenberg Theater on Friday for the live show of ‘Welcome to the AA’, the podcast hosted by Alex Agnew and Andries Beckers which is celebrating its fifth anniversary. Alas, Agnew must announce that his guest has lost. He joked, “Tom has faced his greatest challenge: riding a bicycle on a streetcar.”

Wes Agnew reported that he had four broken ribs and a broken collar bone. “He has to have surgery on Monday, yet he was still planning to come. He asked, ‘Can I do that sitting down?’” the comedian told the audience. Then the call from Tom to the gentlemen echoed across the room. It doesn’t really work. I can hardly speak, everything hurts. It will be next time,” sounded a pained tone.

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Andreas Beckers and Alex Agnew celebrated the fifth anniversary of their podcast “Welcome to AA” at Arenbergschouwburg. Tom Weiss was supposed to be one of the guests, but he was absent. © Welcome to AA

As if Tom Weiss has nine lives. After all, this isn’t the first time Tom has suffered serious injuries after a fall. In 2020, he was involved in a motorcycle accident, tearing his cruciate ligament and meniscus, which required surgery. Two years earlier, he also had a bicycle death accident in Spain. He suffered a painful fall after being hit by a car. He also broke his collarbone.

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look. This is not the first time Tom has suffered serious injuries after a fall. In 2020, he was involved in a motorbike accident, after which he had to undergo surgery

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