December 8, 2023

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Your TV Week in the Ratings: Even ‘Ronde van Vlaanderen’ Can’t Beat ‘The Masked Singer’ |  television

Your TV Week in the Ratings: Even ‘Ronde van Vlaanderen’ Can’t Beat ‘The Masked Singer’ | television

televisionThere was a lot of intense TV viewing over the past Easter weekend. This almost caused a team race for the television giants for the top 20 most-watched shows. It was noted that viewing delays could upset the final standings. and “The Masked Singer,” which continues to be at the top of the chart week after week.

At the top of the list is the “Masked Singer”. Thanks to the start of the Easter holidays, 1,370,293 Flemish people watched the show live. The next seven days “only” added 65,000 viewers. Real “must watch” TV.

On Easter Sunday, you had to choose the top show you wanted to watch. It yielded amazing numbers. “De Mol” had to show it live with 932,225 viewers. In the following days, at least 365,000 viewers are added, more broadcasts than the regular Play4 programme. Even Château Blancart was viewed with delay by an army of a quarter of a million Flemings. And traditionally, “Boer Zkt Vrouw” received another 230,000 viewers after Sunday. “Arcadia” was only allowed to score an additional 155,000 viewers.

Wim Lybaert’s critical score is also amazing. The Columbus driver must be both happy and unhappy. After all, he was ten viewers short of reaching the million fans of A Year at Sea.

At VTM, people will be satisfied with the very high score of our demons’ exhibition match against Germany. Also, “Zeggen Dat” immediately scored a place in the top list. Destination X ended up at the bottom of the list this week. With 550,000 viewers on Monday, it wasn’t a real success for a series that was supposed to make it difficult for De Mol.

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(The numbers are live plus delayed viewing up to seven days after broadcast, all screens.)