February 27, 2024

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He lives.  Trump increases his lead over Haley shortly before New Hampshire primary |  outside

He lives. Trump increases his lead over Haley shortly before New Hampshire primary | outside


Trump predicts: “They will all vote for me again.”

Donald Trump is confident. NBC News told him that some Nikki Haley voters voted for him in 2020, but said they don't want to now. One reporter asked, “How will you unite the party? How will you involve them?” “They will all vote for me again,” the former president responded. “I don't know if we need that much,” he added. “Because I think Biden is the worst president in the history of this country.”

Donald Trump at a polling station in New Hampshire. © Reuters

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© Getty Images via AFP

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Trump increases his lead shortly before the New Hampshire primary

Trump receives 60% of the votes, compared to 38% for Haley. Trump received another 3 percentage points, and it appears that he is benefiting from the departure of Ron DeSantis, according to the latest opinion polls from Suffolk University and American media.

DeSantis ended his bid for the White House on Sunday and said he supports Trump. This left Haley as the former president's only competitor, US media reported.


analysis. Will the only candidate who can still defeat Trump choose himself or the world?

Donald Trump will also soon win the New Hampshire primary. With a result that would make his only remaining competitor, Nikki Haley, surrender. If she continues to go against her better judgement, she will likely ruin her future career. But by giving up, she misses the opportunity – a great opportunity, but still – to save her country and the world. Our foreign journalist Guy van Vlieren explains how this could be possible and how devastating her dilemma is (+).

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analysis. Whether Trump will become the Republican nominee depends on a small group of skeptics

Ron DeSantis has marketed himself as a better version of Donald Trump, but without the chaos. It turned out that Trump had no votes. After a humiliating primary election in the US state of Iowa, he surrenders. Nikki Haley, the last woman standing, is the only one who can stop Trump. All eyes are on her now, as the second Republican primary takes place tomorrow in New Hampshire. But it doesn't look good for her. Will it really be a confrontation between Trump and Trump? Biden? (+)

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Battle between Trump and Haley in the New Hampshire primary

During the New Hampshire primary, voters can vote for their preferred candidate to become the official presidential nominee of the Republican Party. Because many candidates have already given up, a conflict has emerged between former President Donald Trump and former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley.

look. Haley is trying to win votes until the last minute.

Primary elections give voters the opportunity to determine which candidate will represent a political party in a national presidential election. These are held in November. It is possible that current President Joe Biden (81 years old) will become the Democratic nominee again. Among Republicans, Trump (77 years old) is considered the most likely to become a presidential candidate again.

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In New Hampshire, Haley, 52, is particularly under pressure to do well. She came in third place this month in Iowa's first Republican primary, behind Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. DeSantis has now paused his campaign and expressed his support for front-runner Trump.

look. Ron DeSantis withdraws from the Republican primary and supports Trump

Voters in New Hampshire are expected to be more supportive of Haley. Republicans in that state are considered relatively moderate, and voters with no party affiliation are also allowed to vote. The former UN ambassador needs to win to show that she still has a chance against Trump, who is also leading in the polls in New Hampshire.

New Hampshire, with a population of about 1.5 million, is traditionally the first state to hold so-called primaries. This is a different type of primary than what happened in Iowa. You can also vote for Democratic candidates, but these primaries are not recognized by the national Democratic Party. Therefore, Biden is not on the ballot.

The Democratic Party wanted to start a primary this year in South Carolina, but administrators in New Hampshire are not cooperating. Therefore, the Democratic candidates received instructions from their party not to participate in that state and the result was declared invalid in advance. Some Democrats are not heeding this call. Voters also have the option of writing Biden's name on the ballot.

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