April 1, 2023

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More than 40 vehicles involved in a horror accident in Hungary, and half of them caught fire | outside

Dozens of vehicles collided with each other in a crash in Hungary on Saturday. No one was killed in the accident. A large number of people were injured and a number of cars were set on fire.

Police stated that the collision on the M1 motorway, 25 kilometers west of Budapest, involved 5 trailers and 37 other vehicles. The assembly set fire to 19 vehicles and injured 36, one of whom was in critical condition. Police said 13 people were seriously injured.

19 vehicles caught fire in the accident. © ANP / EPA

Unclear reason

According to the Hungarian Disaster Management Agency, all fires have now been put out. Four rescue helicopters and fire and rescue teams from neighboring towns have arrived at the site to treat the injured. The road was closed in both directions for investigation and recovery work, which continued into the late evening.

Little is known about the cause of the disaster. Hungary’s Highways Manager, Concession Infrastructure Development Plc wrote. In a Facebook post, that a local dust storm may have caused a sudden decrease in visibility.


National Ports Agency / Environmental Protection Agency

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