February 5, 2023

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heat regeneration |  ImageCasa

heat regeneration | ImageCasa

When renovating this old farmhouse, JUMA Architects focused on an appropriate blend of the home’s original elements with a contemporary and timeless interior at the same time. The finished design exudes elegance and refinement. We would like to show you more.

Julie van de Keere and Matthew Lounes founded their own architectural firm JUMA Architects in 2009 and already have many beautiful projects on their to-do list. Beautiful functional interiors that are sustainable and evoke emotions in the client, this is the mission of the company. It’s an ambitious task that Juma does brilliantly, as we can also see in this house. As some areas were used as offices, a number of alterations had to be made to the structure of the house. The former office space has been converted into comfortable living rooms, and the original entrance has been moved. To separate the office from the existing entrance, vertical wooden slats were placed behind a natural stone block, as was a multi-concrete raised floor. Finally, the architects also kept ceiling beams in this space, providing additional warmth in the interior.

A modern interior that instantly inspires and gives a zen feel.

To increase the kitchen space, the second staircase was demolished. The kitchen with cooking island features a beautiful view of the garden and a comfortable L-shaped seating area where you can enjoy your breakfast. Thanks to the white curtains, fortunately, it is not too hot indoors on sunny days. Natural lighting was also thought of on the upper floor, with bedrooms and two bathrooms. Especially high windows were placed in the children’s bathroom. Gray tones and clean lines create an ultra-modern interior that instantly inspires and gives a zen feel. In the bedroom, the high ceiling is a real asset. The wooden beams give the space an authentic feel. Light colors, warm wood accents, and dark details make this home a place to instantly relax. It is clear that Gomaa succeeded in her mission here, because the inside arouses only positive emotions in us. Would you like to be fascinated by more impressive projects and inspiring architecture? Make sure to follow our Instagram account Imagicasa Architecture. There we share unique achievements, promising designs and innovative ideas every day.

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Photography by Annick Verneman