March 30, 2023

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Heavy street fighting around Severodonetsk, heavy losses on both sides.

Heavy street fighting around Severodonetsk, heavy losses on both sides.


The Russian forces surrounding Severodonetsk made no progress south of the eastern Ukrainian city. There are fierce street battles going on around the city against the Ukrainian army. The British Ministry of Defense said in its daily report that the Russian and Ukrainian forces are likely to suffer heavy losses in their ranks.

MTMsource: BELGA

The British Ministry of Defense also reported that Russia was firing en masse with its artillery and air force “in an attempt to overcome the Ukrainian defences”. According to London, the Russian Air Force has been deploying dozens of old and inaccurate anti-ship missiles against land targets since April for the lack of more modern weapons. The KH-22s date back to the 1960s, and they actually serve to destroy nuclear-powered aircraft carriers. In ground attacks, they can cause a lot of collateral damage and civilian casualties.

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Even before the war began, London began disclosing intelligence in an unusually open manner. The British government has been publishing regular estimates of the course of the aggressive war for months.

Severodonetsk is one of the last cities standing in the way of Moscow’s control of the entire Donbass, in eastern Ukraine.

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