December 6, 2022

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Helen, World's Second Oldest Gorilla and America's Oldest, Dies at 64 |  animals

Helen, World’s Second Oldest Gorilla and America’s Oldest, Dies at 64 | animals

Known as the world’s second oldest gorilla and America’s oldest gorilla, Helen is no more. The beloved old animal died last Friday at the age of 64, the Louisville Zoo said.

Zoo staff say Helen’s quality of life has gradually declined in recent months due to her advanced age, which led to the difficult decision to put her to sleep on Friday.

The elderly gorilla suffered from arthritis and dental problems, but the main problem was that she also recently suffered from balance problems and tremors (tremors), which caused her to fall and greatly affected her daily well-being. Before that, Helen had been in “remarkably good health” throughout her long life.

“The Grand Lady”

Helen, affectionately known as the “Grand Dame” of the zoo, was especially loved. He impressed the audience with his strong and honest personality and longevity. Her endearing fascination with human children has brought a smile to the faces of families who have come to adore her for decades. She is a mother of 3, grandmother of 17, great-grandmother of 21, great-grandmother of 8 and – yes – great-great-grandmother of 1. Two of his descendants, great-grandson Bengati and great-grandchild Kindi, also live at the Louisville Zoo.

Learned a lot

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“It’s very difficult for us to say goodbye to a special gorilla like Helen, but it’s often the last and most beautiful thing we can do for our animals,” said Zoo Director Don Maloney. “Helen’s ability to live to this age is not only due to her exceptionally strong constitution and will, but also to the excellent care and commitment she has received from her team of carers here over the last twenty years.” The director calls the gorilla “one of our favorite ambassadors.” “I know she will be greatly missed by everyone.”

“Helen is a legend and she’s the best,” said Vet. Louisville Zoo’s Jolie Jimesi. “In addition to the zoo staff who care for her daily, she has her own dentist, cardiologist, gynecologist, neurologist and orthopedist/pain manager. Helen taught us a lot about caring for gorillas and older gorillas. He was a free spirit but also an important and integral member of his gorilla family. Her legacy lives on.”

Helen was known for her fascination with children.

Helen was known for her fascination with children. © Louisville Zoo

Fatou from Berlin

Helen, a western lowland gorilla, was born in January 1958 in the wilds of Cameroon, West Africa. He has lived at the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago since 2002 at the Louisville Zoo in Louisville, Kentucky. , Illinois. According to the Louisville Zoo, a female gorilla in captivity lives an average of 39 years. At 64, Helen is America’s oldest gorilla and the world’s second oldest.

Fatou, a western lowland gorilla from the Berlin Zoo, is the world’s oldest gorilla. Fado They blew out 65 candles in April this year. It was celebrated with delicious fruit juice.

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Pictures of Fatoo, the world's oldest gorilla, who celebrated his 65th birthday in April this year at the Berlin Zoo.

Pictures of Fatoo, the world’s oldest gorilla, who celebrated his 65th birthday in April this year at the Berlin Zoo. © ANP/EPA