July 24, 2024

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Reliability Review: Toyota No Longer Number 1 in the US!

Reliability Review: Toyota No Longer Number 1 in the US!

Not Toyota, but Kia is leading the US Jedi Power reliability review. In fact, the Japanese brand returns to fifth place after Hyundai and Genesis (the most trusted luxury brand), which, like Kia, is part of the Korean Hyundai Group. Buick, one of GM’s brands, ranks second.

New criteria

This change is not due to a change in the reliability of the models of the Korean and Japanese car makers, but to the fact that this year’s new criteria are considered: problems in driving assistance systems, in addition to traditional components such as driving experience, body, controls, infotainment system and mechanics. On average, there were 190 issues per 100 vehicles for all brands, and infotainment systems could throw a spanner at work (51.9 issues per 100 vehicles).

The worst students

For a 33-year inspection, owners were asked about the number of problems that occurred during the first three years of purchasing a new vehicle. The period taken into account for this edition was from July 2021 to November 2021. In addition to the best students, there are brands that hang at the bottom of the list. For this version, these are Acura (Honda’s luxury brand), Alfa Romeo, Volvo, RAM and last but not least, Land Rover.

Porsche 911 is very reliable

These are very low trusted brands. The Porsche 911 is the most reliable of the personal models this year. If you have additional reason to choose 911

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