December 6, 2023

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High quality acoustics with ceiling panels and acoustic spraying

High quality acoustics with ceiling panels and acoustic spraying

The Jonfosse swimming pool in Liège – designed by architect Henri Garcia – is a good example of a public facility with a broad social function. Before construction began, the City of Liège set itself the goal of offering a high-quality public school and a sports and recreational pool to all residents. The municipality acquired a 3,300 square meter plot of land in the Gunfoss area, where the complex opened its doors in 2020.

From an architectural point of view, the Gunfoss swimming pool is an urban project with rectangular shapes throughout. The design provides plenty of natural light, blends harmoniously with the existing buildings and ensures the privacy of swimmers. Sustainability also played an important role in the design. The use of renewable energy sources and cogeneration saves energy and the rainwater recovery system ensures low water consumption.

Acoustic ceiling panels

To improve acoustics, 2,000 square meters of acoustic ceiling panels were used. The ceiling islands, which are placed above the bathrooms with a special corrosion-resistant suspension system, prevent annoying echoes in the high room and contribute to light reflection. The changing rooms are also equipped with ceiling panels, which are ideal for wet areas and can be easily cleaned thanks to their specially treated waterproof surface.

Sonic spray

In addition to the roof panels, Jonfosse acoustic pool spraying, specially designed for swimming pools and wet areas, was also selected. This solution follows the shapes of the wall and ceiling and can therefore be seamlessly integrated into the design of the room. It is invisible, but its impact is immediately heard. After all, pool acoustics are essential to the visitor experience. It affects not only the atmosphere, but also safety and clarity.

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