December 7, 2022

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Holiday in Mallorca ends with bleak grief for 102 Belgian tourists: After 6-hour delay, travelers are told they won't be back in Belgium today |  zaventem

Holiday in Mallorca ends with bleak grief for 102 Belgian tourists: After 6-hour delay, travelers are told they won’t be back in Belgium today | zaventem

zaventemAt Palma de Mallorca airport, 102 passengers – mostly Belgian tourists – have been stuck since 9:30 am due to a technical defect in the TUI plane. Now it turns out that they will not return to Belgium today because the problem will not be solved. “We get very little information,” says one traveler.

At 9:30 am, the TUI plane was supposed to take off in Palma de Mallorca towards our country. “But when we were on the runway, we were suddenly told there was a technical flaw,” one passenger told our editors. “It appears to be a problem with the sensors. We had to stay on the plane for a long time because they wanted to check if the problem could be resolved quickly. But when that turned out not to be the case, we had to get off the plane. In the meantime, we were stuck here for five hours. We were told we would get more information at 2pm but we didn’t. So we don’t know when we can go home. Apart from a text message about the technical flaw, we received very little information.”


TUI spokeswoman Florence Breuer confirmed that the device is currently still installed on the Spanish island. “It is true that there is a technical problem,” he said. “Our technicians are currently working on the plane, but we don’t know yet when the issue will be resolved. 102 passengers are currently waiting at the airport. They get a voucher so they can eat and drink something.”

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According to one passenger, no vouchers have yet been delivered, but the passengers did get a glass of water while on the plane. Meanwhile, travelers received a message that the problem had not been resolved and that they would have to stay in a hotel overnight. They will not be able to return to our country until tomorrow. “But nobody from TUI is here, the chaos is great,” it seemed.

“Unfortunately, the problem is not resolved today,” TUI also said. “Stranded travelers will be able to spend the night in a hotel in Mallorca, after which they can go home on Saturday.”

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Then the passengers had to return to the terminal building, where they had been waiting for hours. © rv