July 24, 2024

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Home battery sales halve in one year

Home battery sales halve in one year

Home battery sales are declining, according to figures released by Flemish grid operator Fluvius latest news Requested. It turned out to be so expensive that the investment could not be recovered. The Flemish insurance premium has also been cancelled.

to explain: Household batteries are used with solar panels. Unused energy generated by these solar panels does not return to the electricity grid, but is stored in the home battery for personal use. As a result, the electricity generated at very low prices is not supplied to the grid, and the household does not have to obtain expensive electricity from the grid in the evening and at night.

the number: So far, only 9,000 home batteries have been installed in 2024. If the trend continues, there will be 21,000 by the end of the year.

  • This is a remarkably low number. In 2022, there was a peak in home battery sales with more than 50,000 installations. Last year there were 42,000. In other words: this year we are looking at half.
  • This is because the advantages do not outweigh the disadvantages. Because a home battery is a big investment: 1000 euros per kilowatt hour. In addition, there is a limited lifespan of ten to fifteen years.
  • Therefore, it is often difficult to recover the investment at normal electricity rates. When rates are high, this is possible. But as the energy crisis passes, demand is also declining. The payback time for solar panels is almost as long with a home battery as it is without it.
  • The disappearance of the Flemish premium also explains the decline in sales figures. In 2022, she received a bonus of €1,725 ​​from the Flemish government. At the beginning of 2023, this maximum was 850 euros. After March 31, 2023, the support disappeared completely.
  • An alternative to household batteries is to store excess solar energy in a boiler tank for hot water or underfloor heating. These methods provide ways to use generated energy efficiently without the high cost of a home battery.
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