June 10, 2023

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Hot Face’s debut single – “dura dura”

If there was an award for the most influential post-punk producer of the 1920s, Dan Carey would undoubtedly take the lead. Brit helped define the sound of bands like Fontaines DC, black midi and Kae Tempest and continues to do so with ease. For Speedy Wunderground’s #45 single, it made an impressive debut. Hot Face is a London trio that has already generated some interest with their incendiary shows at the Windmill and now the appearance of “dura dura” will only attract more attention.

The single lasts less than four minutes, but we’re thrown in all directions and come back completely traumatized after that trip. Hot Face opens with screeching, screeching guitars and we’re immediately hooked on the sheer power the band has. This is only just the beginning, though, because it soon becomes clear that this isn’t just a rock song. James Bates sounds intimidating as the guitars continue to deliver sudden bursts and then deliver an infernal sound afterwards. Hot Face’s post-punk also brings psychedelic influences with it, particularly due to the high notes it delivers on guitar. It should come as no surprise that the song completely veers off course towards the end. A great start, that’s for sure.

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