June 5, 2023

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AMD makes AI strategy an absolute priority

AMD will be fully committed to AI in the near future. The spearhead of this attack is the new Instinct MI300

Artificial intelligence is the future. That’s why AMD is betting so hard on artificial intelligence, starting with the Instinct MI300. This data center accelerator combines CPU, GPU, and HBM memory on a single chip.

All in artificial intelligence

AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su highlighted AI strategy during her first quarter earnings presentation. The American company is now making a lot of efforts to provide the necessary hardware and software so that it can meet the growing demand for artificial intelligence resources.

As far as AMD is concerned, there is a much larger market and many more applications for AI than just the cloud. As an exascale powerful APU, the Instinct MI300 is already ideally suited for AI. But AMD has stated that the chip has evolved a lot in recent months.

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The company is working hard to expand the capabilities of the Instinct MI300. AMD has made a lot of progress especially in terms of generative AI. According to Su, the chip is suitable for HPC, supercomputing, and artificial intelligence.

She also mentioned that AMD is putting a large portion of its resources towards (generative) artificial intelligence. Among other things, Xilinx resources acquired in 2020 will be used to develop AI software and an AI platform.

This year, the Instinct MI300 is usually released in the fourth quarter. However, AMD’s big plans are not unique. Rival Nvidia has emerged as the ultimate AI specialist in recent years, with an ecosystem of powerful hardware powered by extensive software. With the announced superior Grace chip, Nvidia also has a direct competitor to the MI300.

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